5 Inspirational Marketing Quotes

5 Inspirational Marketing Quotes – and what we can take from them

The best marketers continuously learn from what they do and from what others say and do.

At The Marketing Spaces, we’re delighted by the level of knowledge and wisdom that exists in our network – and by how practical and effective that knowledge is.

Nobody knows everything, which is why communities like The Marketing Spaces play a vital role in helping us all tap into what we can learn from others about marketing.

Therefore, here are five recent quotes about marketing from our expert speakers. These quotes have inspired us, got us thinking and, more importantly, doing something.

I’ve shared how they have helped me think about our marketing and then also provide a recommended action you can do based on the learning from each person.

Julia Phillips live interview the marketing spaces

“Understand everything that costs you money to run your event. Include the ‘little things e.g. mileage, parking, thank you cards. Include everything.”

– Julia Phillips, Entrepreneur and Events Expert, Potting Shed Events.

It can be hard to find good advice about marketing budgets for SMEs. It often feels like most ‘wisdom’ about them comes from corporates with the type of marketing spending many SMEs dream of.

This quote, from Events Expert Julia Phillips, is tinged with reality. It shows how, when it comes to the marketing budget, the small stuff really does matter.

While Julia speaks about the marketing spend for events, what she says is true of all marketing budgets. I often have a conversation with CEOs about: “What do you actually want to include in your marketing budget? How wide do you want to take it? How full a picture do you really want?”

Julia addresses this with one simple answer: include everything.

Watch the full interview with Julia Phillips. 

Action to take away: As you plan your marketing budget, whether it’s for one piece of marketing, a whole campaign, or a year, make sure you consider ‘everything’, even the ‘small’ stuff.

This will mean fewer nasty financial surprises when the marketing accounting is done and the budget spend added up.

Joanna Gaudoin live interview marketing spaces april 2022

“I can write too much copy as I always fear I’m not giving people enough. I forget I’m an expert so people only need a bit of that – not all of it!”

– Joanna Gaudoin, Personal Impact Specialist, Inside Out Image.

Remembering your audience profile is vital when you are producing any marketing communications (marcomms). A crucial part of that is remembering that your audience is looking to you as the expert.

Joanna succinctly states a problem many subject matter experts have – trying to give their target audience ‘everything’ rather than what their audience actually needs right now.

This quote reminds me to really focus on my audience’s needs and think: “At this stage of their journey, how much does my audience really want and need to know?” It then ensures I tailor my marcomms so I give them enough – rather than overwhelm them.

Watch the full interview with Joanna Gaudoin. 

Action to take away: As you create different marcomms, revisit your audience profile (if you haven’t yet created one, read this) and assess how much information they actually need at this stage of their Buyer’s Journey.

Are you giving them too much, too little, or just the right amount?

Debbie Bouffler the marketing spaces live interview
“Make sure you have data for every stage of the Buyers Journey.”

– Debbie Bouffler, Marketing Data Expert, Think Forensics.

We need to know if our marketing is actually working. Marketing measurements are key here – measuring what activities you are doing and the outcomes they are driving. It can be easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to marketing data – and too often marketers leave measurement to the last minute or measure the wrong thing.

Debbie’s quote reminds me that there is a method and structured approach when it comes to marketing data and metrics – you make sure you have data for every stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

Watch the full interview with Debbie Bouffler.

Action to take away: Take some space to decide what you really need to measure at each stage of the Buyer’s Journey. What is crucial to help you know if your marketing has been successful at this stage? Are you measuring it?

Watch our Seminar, What do I measure? How to make sure you are measuring the right things’ for more help.

Gill Perkins Marketing Spaces Interview

“Writing is 80/20. 80% prep, 20% writing.”

– Gill Perkins, Copywriter.

Gill’s quote could apply to all marcomms – the secret to success when it comes to marketing communications is in the preparation.

As marketing ‘doers’, it’s tempting to leap straight in and ‘do’ some marketing, particularly when we’re under pressure. While it’s fine to do this, as you will always get some learning from it, it’s also a costly way to do marketing on an ongoing basis.

Taking the time to research, prepare and plan is crucial – only 20% of your time should be spent on the actual ‘doing’.

Watch the full interview with Gill Perkins.

Action to take away: Revisit your Marketing Plan / Timescales and check you have enough preparation time in there. Whether this is for one piece of marcomms, like a blog post or webinar, or for a whole campaign. Block that 80% of preparation time out before you start to put it together (and yes, thinking about it while away from your desk counts!).

justyna kuls seo web design

“Conversion is everything.”

– Justyna Kuls, Digital Marketing Consultant and Web Design, No Faff Marketing.

I loved this quote from Justyna so much, I created a short Insights video that tackles it (Ignore the Crap – Conversion is everything!).

In three words Justyna sums up what is wrong with so much marketing measurement – people focussing on the wrong metrics. Call them vanity metrics, or perhaps people getting blinded by what they can measure rather than what they should, but when it comes to marketing metrics, conversion is everything.

This means knowing what your figures are for each stage of the Buyers Journey (see Debbie’s Quote, above) and how many people actually moved through to the next stage.

It’s better to have 100 people be Aware you exist and 90 of them move on to Interest, then have 1000 Aware you exist and only 90 of them move through. Too many people get blinded by the big numbers, when actually these are often showing poor marketing and a waste of money and time.

Action to take away: As you map out your Data for the Buyers Journey, figure out your Conversion Rates. The dream (it’ll never happen) Conversion rate is, of course, 1:1 (for every person that becomes aware of you, they become a customer). Take your current worse conversion rate, and work on improving it. This is how your marketing becomes more effective – by improving those conversion rates.

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