How to make the most out of your Marketing Spaces membership

Learn about the benefits of joining The Marketing Spaces.

From getting started with a free membership that gives you access to the Insights space, weekly newsletters and a members-only LinkedIn group to elevating your marketing growth with one of our premium packages that unlock spaces with live seminars, 1:1 coaching, expert interviews and more.

Time: 21 min 21 sec

Video outline

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Your checklist
02:09 – How to navigate the marketing Insights
04:40 – What each membership level gives you access to
07:58 – Spaces for Premium members
09:14 – How to change your membership level
10:14 – How to find out what’s going on
12:22 – How The Marketing Spaces helps you be a more effective marketer
13:55 – The typical mistake marketers make
14:57 – The benefits of being a member
16:37 – What The Marketing Spaces is not
17:24 – Our values
19:00 – What you could have by the end of your membership
19:48 – Questions

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