How To Do an Effective Assessment of Your Marketing

Make space to systematically assess your marketing, see how effective it is and then create a prioritised action plan, so you know what to work on first.

A key role of marketing is to ensure you have in place the right marketing communications mix to help people choose your organisation. You’re doing this by choosing a range of marketing tools and activities to communicate with your audiences.

But: how do you know you have the right marketing communications mix? Where are your gaps? What’s working and what isn’t working?

This seminar takes you through a marketing assessment. The role of marketing must include evaluating your marketing communications mix as viewed by your customers

So, we invite you to make space to consider:

  • How do your marketing activities look and feel to your customers?
  • Are they all joined up throughout the Buyers Journey?
  • Have you achieved a completely integrated marketing mix of communications tools?
  • Or is it disjointed and you have holes to fill?

We take you through a systematic approach for assessment – which you can use again and again.

But we don’t stop there. Marketing overwhelm is a real thing – it’s too easy to have so much marketing ‘to do’ and so many improvements to make that knowing where to start can be hard.

So, in this seminar, you will score each area and then at the end, you’ll add up your scores. We’ll then show you how to prioritise which areas you work on first.

To get the most from this seminar, we really advise that you make some space for preparation time. Make sure you download, ‘Assessing your marketing – handout’ and even if you just get the chance to look at it before, it will help.

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