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Founded by a successful Strategic Marketing Consultant who also teaches professional marketing qualifications, The Marketing Spaces is a membership club that provides an informative and supportive environment for all business people and marketers who want to continually improve their marketing abilities.

Our founder, Kara Stanford, is passionate about leaving people empowered, emboldened and clear about how to use marketing. Therefore, she founded The Marketing Spaces with the core values of ‘space, structure, respect’.


You get the space to think about strategic marketing so you can gain more marketing clarity. You choose when to dip into each space, but always work to the idea of ‘little and often’ so that you truly build up your marketing muscles.


We share the structure and thinking behind marketing, so you can apply it again and again across different industries and sectors.


We openly discuss, inspire, and share marketing wisdom, trusting you to apply it to your own situation. There’s no push to make sure you do certain things by a deadline – we trust you to apply what you are learning in the way that works best for you.

Founder Story

As a Marketing Consultant, Kara’s aim is to leave her clients knowing and understanding more about marketing than when she arrived so they can carry on making good marketing decisions long after she is gone.

Kara speaks a lot at events and was puzzled that she would always get similar feedback along the lines of: ‘You really helped me understand what I need to do when it comes to marketing’.

This puzzled her because her audiences are clever people who are already using marketing with some success – she wasn’t telling them stuff they didn’t know.

So she asked them what they meant. And what they meant was she left them feeling like they understood what marketing really was. They left feeling empowered and knowing how to make the right marketing decisions.

And so The Marketing Spaces was created to meet this need for those savvy solopreneurs, lonely marketers, and busy CEOs.

“The clarity of Kara’s marketing process was very empowering for all of us.”

Chloe Jay, Senior Partner and Criminal Lawyer, Shentons Solicitors


We don’t all have the same opportunities. Some people have more obstacles to achieving their potential than others do.

So, to play a small role in helping people fulfil their potential, The Marketing Spaces is supporting the charity Stepping Stones DS over 2022.

stepping stones DS logo

Stepping Stones DS supports children & young people with Down syndrome to fulfil their potential.

As Kara says, ‘When I founded The Marketing Spaces, I wanted to make giving back and contributing to charities a core part of what we do.  Stepping Stones DS is a fantastic hands-on charity that makes a huge difference to the lives of the children and young people it supports. Run by a small, passionate team, it’s great to be able to make a contribution to their work.”

The Marketing Spaces is for you if:

You want a supportive space where you can figure out how to apply your marketing knowledge and learning to your situation.

You want a no nonsense, no pressure space to step back, think about and learn more about marketing.

You believe in 'little, often and varied' when it comes to growth and improvement.

You already work in / do marketing and have at least a working understanding of it.


Proud to be a member. The value you offer has helped me so much already.

Caroline D'ay
The Real Happiness Coach, Wellbeing Dynamics

The Marketing Spaces is a very useful resource and tool for us business owners!

Joely Hodgson
Founder, Mustard Marketing Services

Thank you for that Live Interview. It has been a quietly brilliant hour.

Dr Henrie Lidiard
Coach, Consultant and Trainer, Go Beyond Consulting and NLP

Make space for effective marketing

Become a member today and bring clarity to your marketing. As a member, you’ll get regular and practical marketing insights and learning, which you can immediately apply to make your marketing more effective.

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