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Make Space For Marketing That Works

We give you the space and tools to calmly think about your strategic marketing plan in a structured, logical way so you can design and deliver marketing plans and solutions that work.

No gimmicks, no fluff - end marketing fog and get more clarity

Know what to do, when and why

Designed for Marketers and Business Owners who want to find out how to plan and deliver marketing that works for their business.

With The Marketing Spaces you can find guidance and create networking opportunities to gain more marketing confidence and know-how.


Our weekly bite-sized marketing insights provide expert advice that you can apply immediately to make your marketing even more effective.


Join our live online events, so you can untangle those marketing knots, be inspired, and know what you need to do next to get the results you want.


Are you a lonely marketer or business owner? Connect with like-minded people joining us for regular networking events and webinars.


Learn how to plan and deliver marketing that works. Gain more confidence and the know-how on when to apply different marketing techniques.

Weekly Marketing Insights

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Your business’s impact how to measure it and why

Your business’s impact – how to measure it and why

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Your Marketing MOT_ 3 tips for when and how to check your marketing is working

Your Marketing MOT: When and How To Check Your Marketing Is Working

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scale sales course case study
Case Study

Caroline at Luminex Consulting creates a marketing and sales pipeline tailored to their business

“Scales Sales enabled me to create a marketing and sales pipeline that’s completely tailored to our business.” – Caroline Cook ...
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Who are we for?

Perhaps you’re a Director of a growing business with responsibility for marketing and sales. You need to design an effective marketing and sales funnel full of marketing and sales activities that work, but you don’t have the time to figure this out on your own.

You could be a Lonely Marketer, with no one available in your organisation to learn marketing strategy from or discuss marketing at a strategic level.

What do we do

Caroline Goatley
Caroline Goatley
14 November 2023
What Kara has done with The Marketing Spaces is truly brilliant! It's exactly what so many of us need, structure, simple outlines and above all... space to think! I'm so grateful to Kara for always being supportive, any conversation we have is always so helpful. I would highly recommend Kara's consulting and The Marketing Spaces to anyone looking for additional marketing support, whether your goals are starting from scratch and mapping out a plan or trying to reach the next level. Your business is in safe hands with Kara!!
Faith Ramsay
Faith Ramsay
14 November 2023
I attended one of Kara's short online courses which not only helped me review my current marketing activity but gave me clear, prioritised and targeted activities to improve it next year. She managed to achieve in a short period of time what I had failed to do in hours of rumination!!
Juliette Tompson
Juliette Tompson
8 November 2023
Kara has worked with me on 1:1 coaching giving me a nudge along to keep things moving in the right direction for my new project when marketing is something that just isn't natural to me!
Alice Elliott
Alice Elliott
7 November 2023
Excellent agency to help you with your strategic marketing. Kara Stanford certainly knows her stuff, and also provides excellent courses and workshops to help you to understand what she's saying and how it relates to your business.
Glenda Shawley
Glenda Shawley
15 August 2023
I've just attended another of the Marketing Spaces 90 minutes workshops and as always it was time well spent. Not only does it give us space to think but Kara will make sure we think about the right things before taking action. Book the workshops and space in your diary for the follow up actions.
Kate Vayle
Kate Vayle
15 August 2023
It always amazes me how The Marketing Spaces can make something which previously baffled me so easy! Thoroughly recommend the courses to any business owner who wants to implement or improve their marketing strategy.
Type Twenty Five — Graphic Design, Hampshire
Type Twenty Five — Graphic Design, Hampshire
28 June 2023
Being a member of the Marketing Spaces has helped me focus on my marketing activities and become more confident in marketing my business. I used to think marketing was a bit of a chore, but I now actually look forward to it!
Felicity Dwyer
Felicity Dwyer
28 June 2023
Kara has taught me a lot about being more strategic in marketing my business. As a result I spend less time on marketing and more time on working with my clients. In The Marketing Spaces, Kara has created somewhere to learn about specific topics that interest you, with a selection of clear and authoritative courses. Other benefits include fortnightly online meetings, and a helpful LinkedIn group. Kara brings deep expertise to the table, and she is both structured and creative in her approach - a great combination!
Laura Cavaliere
Laura Cavaliere
7 June 2023
In one brief workshop Kara brought to life how to ‘create your marketing persona’. I cannot recommend her enough; she is quietly confident and incredibly knowledgeable in her field. She wastes no words and easily comes to the point making marketing accessible to all. I can’t wait for the next workshop in August!
Joanna Pennington
Joanna Pennington
5 June 2023
Kara has a wealth of knowledge and always gives us important things to think about and great ideas to action. She's also a very lovely and supportive person! We feel very welcome in The Marketing Spaces community.

Short Marketing Courses Online

Boost your marketing with one of our short online courses. With 20+ years of experience and CIM accreditation, Kara Stanford is your course tutor, passing on her practical knowledge and marketing approach so you can start improving your marketing immediately.

Who can benefit from our growing range of short marketing courses?

Directors in growing small to medium-sized businesses with responsibility for marketing and sales

Business Owners who plan and do the marketing by themselves

Lonely marketers in small to medium-sized businesses who are planning and doing the marketing

Scale Sales Programme

Our next 5-week course starts in January 2024!

Do you want to know what marketing to do, when and why? 

Would you like your marketing to be more organised, focused and structured? 

Do you want to know how to design marketing activities that work? 

Then hop on our ‘Scale Sales’ Programme. This fully supported 5-week marketing course is for you if you are ready to create a fully tailored marketing and sales pipeline, with us as your guides.

About the founder

Kara Stanford is a successful Strategic Marketing Consultant, Marketing Mentor and Marketing Tutor with over 20 years of experience.

She blends practical marketing experience with sound marketing theory, enabling clients and students to truly understand marketing.

Kara is working with marketers, business owners and leaders, showing them how to take a structured, focussed approach to reviewing, planning and implementing marketing. 

They need a Marketer who can equip them to use marketing for long-term success – Kara is that Marketer.

kara stanford strategic marketing consultant

What our members say

The Scale Sales Programme has great content and an approach that I decided would give me the structure to work through the next steps and have deadlines and clear guidance on thinking. I knew I needed support, liked Kara’s focused approach and felt this would give me the head start I needed.

Jo Stickland, Managing Director, ILAG
Thanks for this morning’s ‘Marketing Inspiration Event‘. It was good to see how, in my marketing, I can use what I’ve already got.

Jacqui McGinn, Author, teacher, coach, Pieces to Peace
The Marketing Spaces has shown me how to reposition myself by using a ‘Known Expert’ approach to my marketing. I now have clarity in how I approach every aspect of my marketing – which is already getting results, as I have recently onboarded a new client who is on my new (higher) pricing structure!

Dean Howard, Graphic Designer, Owner of Type Twenty Five
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