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As someone who works with expert businesses, this article is a succinct summary of what is involved in giving potential buyers the confidence that your expertise is what they need. Well worth signing up to read this.

Ben Wheeler

Ben Wheeler Marketing
Brilliant initiative! Excellent bite-sized chunks that one can do as and when (one needs to schedule it in to make time for it tho). There is so much there. It’s all very consumable and gives great advice and topics.

Tina Easton

Small Business Owner
I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be part of a community, like The Marketing Spaces, where you can connect with like-minded professionals, share best practices, and stay on top of marketing trends.

Serena Lewis

Marketing Campaign Manager
I’m an experienced marketer but I still learn useful information, gain new insights and am encouraged to implement what I know.

Glenda Shawley

Fabulous Networking
The flexibility is perfect. Replays brilliant. I’ve hugely enjoyed the seminars, and I have learned new pieces of info and insight, as well as been reminded of fundamental principles and their application.

Joely Hodgson

Founder, Mustard Marketing Services
I have just watched your Buyers Journey and I have to say, YOU ARE GREAT You speak slowly and clearly and simply and I love your website.

Sally Rule

Homeologist, sallyrule.com
Proud to be a member. The value you offer has helped me so much already.

Caroline D'ay

The Real Happiness Coach, Wellbeing Dynamics
Lovely to attend your session the other day. I’m still reflecting as it was a rich session.

Jeanette Pratt

Executive, Resilience Coach & Facilitator
I love it. As I said in one of the meetings – I felt like I’d finally found a marketing space that felt like home!

Dr Henrie Lidiard

Coach, Consultant and Trainer, Go Beyond Consulting and NLP
I’ve just had a click around the site and it all looks so useful, you’ve got such a wealth of information up already!

Lucy Barrot

Marketing Assistant, Shentons Solicitors

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