How To Write Your Strategic Marketing Plan

Learn what should be in your Marketing Plan, analyse how strong your current one is, and be able to confidently improve it.

This course includes:

  • seven bite-sized video lessons
  • quizzes
  • downloadable workbook
  • lifetime access
  • access on all devices (mobile, desktop, laptop, ipad)

Created by Kara Stanford, Strategic Marketing Consultant, Founder of The Marketing Spaces & CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) lecturer.

How to write your Strategic Marketing Plan


Do you dislike doing marketing?

Do you struggle to know which parts of your marketing are working?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by how much marketing you have ‘to do’? 

Now imagine you know exactly what marketing to do, when and why. This means you can choose which marketing ideas to reject, and focus your budget and energy on what works.

You can have all this once your Strategic Marketing Plan is in place. 

This Course takes you through creating your own Strategic Marketing Plan. We show you how to structure your thinking and map it out in a Workbook which can then become your Strategic Marketing Plan. 

Warning: once you have a Strategic Marketing Plan, you’ll know what marketing to do, and why it works.

Warning: Once you have a Strategic Marketing Plan, you’ll know what marketing to do, and why it works.

Jill AburrowJMA HR
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I run my own HR Consultancy – over the years, as my business has grown the biggest concern for me has been marketing. Step forward brilliant Kara Stanford, The Marketing Spaces. Kara’s down to earth approach is a breath of fresh air and she makes marketing less daunting. She has been an inspiration for me in finding my marketing feet.
Glenda ShawleyMD of Fabulous Networking
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Spend time with Kara and the marketing fog will lift. You’ll know what marketing to do, when and why.

Here’s what you get 

In this course, we systematically take you through building your own Strategic Marketing Plan. Purchase this short course and get lifetime access to:

  • Seven video tutorials explaining a key concept and then how to apply it
  • One video with ideas for the next step (which is ‘doing’ your marketing in a structured, effective manner)
  • An easy to use PDF Workbook which, once completed, is your Strategic Marketing Plan
  • A Quiz to reinforce your learning.

What you will learn

In this course, in plain and jargon-free language, you will learn:

  • How to structure and think about your marketing so ‘doing’ marketing becomes so much easier
  • What Strategic Marketing actually is and how it is essential for business success
  • What the SOSTAC Marketing Framework is (copyright, PR Smith), why it works and how to use it
  • Why your business, even if it’s just you, needs a vision, mission and values to help make your marketing decision-making really effective
  • What a marketplace audit is and the key things you need to do to make yours relevant and useful 
  • How Strategic Marketing objectives are crucial to achieving your business goals, along with advice on how to set them
  • A way to decide how you want to be known in the marketplace – known as your market positioning – and why that’s important.
  • The different strategies that you can choose to help your business achieve its goals
  • How to quickly assess all your products so you can choose to offer the best products for your customers – and you
  • What the 7Ps of marketing are and the key strategic decisions you need to make around them, to ensure all your marketing works together effectively
  • How to map out, at a high level, the marketing you now know you need to do to produce a marketing plan that works.

Who is this course for?

This course is for business owners and solopreneurs who are ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and unsure when it comes to marketing.

You’re now ready to invest some time into doing the marketing thinking that is going to make all your marketing so much easier, going forward.

Who is your tutor?

Coaching Space

Kara Stanford

Strategic Marketer, Founder of The Marketing Spaces, Chartered Marketer (CIM)
Your tutor is Kara Stanford - strategic marketer and founder of The Marketing Spaces, who also runs a successful strategic marketing consultancy business.Kara is also a Chartered Marketer who teaches the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Professional Certificate in Marketing Level 4.As an experienced marketing consultant, tutor and mentor, Kara demystifies marketing and is passionate about sharing how to use it well. 
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