Real life example: How Cazoo got me to do the marketing for them

Imagine if you could get other people to market your organisation for you – and you didn’t pay them a penny and they did it willingly. In fact, it was their own idea to do it.

Does this sound impossible? It’s not!

In this Insights video I take a look at how car selling company, Cazoo, set it up so I, as a past customer, did their marketing for them.

I quickly take you through what happened and then I deconstruct it for you so we can see what lessons we can take from it and apply it to our businesses.

This is a great example of marketing communications done well.

Video Overview

Time: 05:42

00:00 – Introduction
0:18 – A happy purchase
0:52 – The Thank You 
1:16 – The Voucher
02:06 – My friends
03:40 – Lessons we can learn



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