Steps Within Steps – How to Enhance Customer Loyalty

What products are you offering at each relevant stage of your Buyers’ Journey?

Today, I invite you to make space to consider the different products you need to put in place as your clients move from considering you to buying / donating and then loyalty.

Let’s look at the steps within steps and the products you need to put in place to help people move from ‘Considering’ to ‘Loyalty’.

Video outline

Time: 09 min 29 sec

00:00 – Intro
00:22 – The Buyer’s Journey
00:55 – Steps within Steps
01:10 – A Free Trial?
03:36 – A paid for trial?
05:02 – A small purchase?
06:07 – The main purchase
07:07 – Repeat purchases
08:05 – Referrals / recommendations
08:32 – Steps within Steps
08:57 – What next?


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