marketer mindset refresh and reset for the New Year.

Marketer Mindset – refresh and reset for the New Year

Marketing is many things, and the marketer mindset often gets overlooked. 

We now invite you to make space to focus on your marketer mindset, following these three steps to help you refresh and reset for the New Year.

1. What marketing, from others, did you see that made you smile or was enjoyable?

Let’s begin by looking outward and bringing to mind feelings of pleasure. There is so much marketing that is fun, brings happiness, and is enjoyable.

What marketing have you seen that has made you smile? 

For me, I thoroughly enjoy marketing campaigns that bring unexpected joy. These might be ones with a catchy tune that gets my feet tapping, or a tongue in cheek humour, or the small pleasure of receiving a gift.

Today, in the post, I received a small book of poems from a Writing Agency I know. This has made me smile.

So, what marketing has made you smile or brought you pleasure or joy? Remember it, recall it, bring that feeling to mind.

2. Reflect on some of the positives from your marketing this year 

After looking outward for some marketing joy, we invite you to now make the space to look inward. What have you done or thought or felt this year around marketing that has been positive?

You might wish to think about marketing communications that got positive feedback. Or perhaps you had a ‘light-bulb’ moment that brought absolute clarity of thought to your marketing. Or you created some marketing that you are proud of. 

Make the space to reflect on the positives from your marketing this year and consider capturing these in whatever way you wish.

3. Make a promise to yourself

Now, we invite you to reset. Take some time to think about what type of marketer you would like to be for the year ahead. What does that mean? Why is it different to how you are now? How can you take the first step to make that happen? 

You may wish to formulate that first step as a promise to yourself: ‘My first step is…, and I promise to do/be/think/make it happen.’

We are deliberately asking you to choose the first step only. One step is easier than looking at the whole journey. But every journey begins with a first step. So promise yourself to make that first step and then take it.

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