Launching a new product in 2022? Remember the Diffusion of Innovation

Here’s help on what to expect when you’re launching a new product, service or campaign. You’ll also learn what role the diffusion of innovation theory plays in the process. 

This free Insights space video is also great for explaining to bosses why patience is needed once a launch has happened!

Time: 11 min 01 sec

Video outline

00:27 – The Diffusion of Innovation explained
01:22 – Innovators
01:44 – Early Adopters
03:14 – Early Majority
03:43 – Late Majority
04:36 – Laggards
06:04 – What does this mean?
06:54 – The chasm of failure
07:25 – Key lessons
07:42 – When you launch your product
09:07 – Innovators need different marketing
10:27 – Time to move on
10:52 – Adapt your marketing mix


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