Social marketing – changing behaviour for societal good

Not all marketing is about selling something to someone. Marketing, at its heart, is about influencing people’s behaviour.

There is a branch of marketing that really focuses on changing behaviour for the social good, and that is social marketing. It uses all the familiar marketing approaches and techniques we know but with key differences.

In this Insights video, Kara Stanford, CEO and Founder of The Marketing Spaces, shares what they are and what they mean for your organisation if you are engaged in social marketing.

As the Marketing Manager at Avon Fire and Rescue Service, based in Bristol, Kara ran different social marketing campaigns.

In this Insights video, she brings to life her advice with examples from two of these campaigns: how to get people to have working smoke alarms and how to stop young people from setting fires to wheelie bins.

This Insight is helpful for everyone working in charity, government, NfP, and political marketing or those who want more understanding about how to change people’s behaviour.

Video Overview

Time: 11 min 44 sec

00:00 – Introduction
01:35 – 1. Whose morals?
03:22 – 2. Research, research, research
06:19 – 3. Listen, respond, repeat
08:58 – 4. No one likes being nagged
06:02 – 5. The real decision to make


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