The Five Point Checklist For Your Marketing Plan

Learn what should be in your Marketing Plan, analyse how strong your current one is, and be able to confidently improve it.

This course includes:

  • five bite-sized on-demand videos
  • quizzes
  • downloadable workbook
  • lifetime access
  • access on all devices (mobile, desktop, laptop, ipad)

Created by Kara Stanford, Strategic Marketing Consultant, Founder of The Marketing Spaces & CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) lecturer.

5 point marketing plan checklist


If you already have a Marketing Plan or are starting on one then well done! That’s great news. However, like many people, you might be wondering if you’ve done it well or if it’s any good. 

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Your Marketing Plan is a key document in your business planning – after all, marketing is what’s going to find those clients and attract them to your business.

How can you be confident that your Marketing Plan covers all the right areas? 

How to create one that will help you bring those prospective clients to your door?

Our short course, “The Five Point Checklist for your Marketing Plan” is the answer. It lays out the five key areas your Marketing Plan needs to cover. You can then create your Marketing Plan ensuring you have covered those five areas and know that it’s a good plan which should work. 

Using a mix of bite-sized video classes and a workbook to fill in as you go, this course means you will know what should be in your Marketing Plan, how strong your current Marketing Plan is, and be able to confidently improve it.

This short course is excellent to help you start understanding how to use the strategic marketing framework approach that qualified, professional marketers use.

Here’s what you get and why it works:

  • Five bite-sized video lessons covering each of the five Marketing Plan Check Points. These videos are designed for busy people who need to fit their courses around their daily work. You’ll find out about the key areas you need to cover in your plan, then be encouraged to make it work for your business.
  • Workbook – your downloadable workbook accompanies the videos so that you have somewhere to capture your thoughts and decide how to improve your Marketing Plan so it helps you attract those prospective clients to your business.
  • Clear language – all our lessons and workbooks are in plain English, so you easily understand what needs to be done and why. Our job is to help you improve your marketing so it works and we can do that without marketing speak.

What you will learn:

  • The five key areas that your Marketing Plan needs to cover
  • What you need to think about and consider for your business
  • What happens when businesses don’t cover these areas properly in their Marketing Plans
  • How to think constructively about each area so you can make your Marketing Plan really strong.

Who is this course for?

  • Business owners who are having to create their marketing plans.
  • For the person in a small business who has to set the marketing plan.
  • For a marketer in a small business who is at the planning stage.

Who is your tutor?

Coaching Space

Kara Stanford

Strategic Marketer, Founder of The Marketing Spaces, Chartered Marketer (CIM)
Your tutor is Kara Stanford - strategic marketer and founder of The Marketing Spaces, who also runs a successful strategic marketing consultancy business.Kara is also a Chartered Marketer who teaches the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Professional Certificate in Marketing Level 4.As an experienced marketing consultant, tutor and mentor, Kara demystifies marketing and is passionate about sharing how to use it well. 
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