Assessing your Marketing Communications

How do you know which of your marketing communications are working?

This short video shows you how to do an assessment of your marketing.

We have taken a 3-hour workshop and chosen two or three key questions for you to answer about part of the Buyer’s Journey.

In the April 2022 Seminar, we build on this short assessment. The 45-minute seminar helps you really how effective your marketing communications are, where the gaps are, and what you need to do next.

This Insights Video can be done as a stand-alone Marketing Assessment or as an Introduction to the Seminar.

Video overview

Time: 09 min 32 sec

00:00 – Intro
01:20 – Assessing: aware – show them you exist
02:38 – Assessing: interested – give them more
03:37 – Assessing: considering – help that choice
05:29 – Assessing: adopting – welcome!
06:59 – Assessing: loyalty – the personal touch


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Next Live Seminar: 5 April 2022

Are you doing the right marketing? Join us to find out how to do an effective assessment of your marketing.
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